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while a curious Castle and Beckett grow determined to solve this mysterious case. There's a very easy way for you to find out: use the video above to watch Castle online now! If crime drama crosses with romantic comedy sounds at all for you, then you should definitely watch and support Castle.Tell a great story and then go home and move onto something else. I’m just happy that I got to be one of the cogs in the machine that created this show and was a part of its success in some small way. CASTLE – “Dead From New York” – When Sid Ross, the powerful creator of a long-running sketch comedy show is killed, Castle and Beckett are called to investigate.Don’t milk it “just because.” So for me it’s about art over finance, and as long as we’re creating something that is compelling and that has somewhere to go, then we’re good to go. But as they delve into the victim’s life and the colorful world of “Saturday Night Tonight,” they uncover a shocking secret that may explain Sid’s murder.At least one of my readers assumed he was talking about Kate lassoing Rick, or is it something else? All of the cast is incredible, but those guys, when they get a chance to kind of get down and dirty, they love it, and they’re so creative.TVLINE feeling from the logline, Espo almost as a lone wolf. He’s funny, too, because Jon does a Denzel [Washington] imitation sometimes.TVLINE really have to decide — do you know what I mean?

I don’t know if he went “full Denzel” in any point, but it was fun.

But this cycle could also make its mark in other ways, as leads Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic will have to make a decision about their future with the trusty ABC procedural.

Here in Part 2 of my sit-down with Katic, she previews the ersatz Caskett honeymoon to come (airing tonight at 10/9c), sings the praises of a showcase for a fellow cast member and ponders the possibility of Season 8 (and beyond).

I think that there are conversations probably on some other level, but I don’t know exactly what yet, because I haven’t had any conversations personally.

TVLINE When the ball is put in your court, what sort of considerations does Stana Katic have about Castle Season 8 and beyond? I don’t think that a show should overstay its welcome.

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Special Agent Seeley Booth build a team to investigate murders. The idea that a series of murders can be copied into real life seems a bit trite, but the execution was far better than I expected.

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