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But these stones may be fallen corbels, and its orientation to the E would be unique among the 400 known wedge-tombs, and so most authorities regard it as a portal-tomb.

Its features suggest, however, that it is a hybrid structure, and of course there must have been much interpenetration and influence between the different (or not-so-different) cults and world-views that we assume the different monuments represent.

Commanding a fine view from its exposed position over Bantry Bay 7.2 km WSW of Lauragh Bridge and about 500 metres SSE of the R 571 road, approachable by farm-lane and across bogland, this fine axial-stone circle has stones similar to the pillar-like slabs of the smaller circle at Drombohilly (Kerry), 9.6 km NE.

In this circle also 9 stones survive, with some unfortunately missing: one can be seen in a field-fence some distance to the N.

The 2 portal stones are 2.4 metres high and are set radially.The axis from these to the large axial-stone on the W side points to sunset at the equinoxes., resembling a low, miniature dolmen whose large capstone has seven or more small cup-marks on its upper surface.Two of the three small supporting stones are of quartz; a fourth has been uprooted. The complex, which included a rectangular wooden house (excavated) was revealed to be of Bronze Age date, as might be expected.~ 800 metres SW and 1.5 km) E of Rosscarbery, a short distance W of a by-road in Burgatia (W 303 355), is another boulder-burial, comprising a large boulder resting on the inner edges of 2 flat-topped blocks, one of which is a quartz conglomerate.The axial stone is, unusually, set with its long axis vertical.9.6 km SE of Bantry and l.6 km SSW of Ballybane House, immediately to W of a by-road on a sharp bend, a large area of horizontal rock surface (not pitted like most of the surrounding surfaces) is decorated with circles and ovals up to 60 cm in diameter, at least one cup-mark and several long straight lines, some of which are parallel. This site, 13.6 km WNW of Macroom, beside a by-road leading S from the N 22 road between Ballyvourney and Ballymakeery, may be of extreme antiquity.' St Gobnait's House' or ' St Gobnait's Kitchen' is a circular hut (partly restored) with an internal diameter of 6 metres.

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