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The study of visual features in advertising goes back to the middle of the last century.Particularly since the 1960s, the work of Roland Barthes has been an enduring source of insight in interpreting the visual in advertisements, but until recently little progress has been made in developing new frameworks to study the current diversity of advertising formats in terms of their multimodality and the interaction of different modes of communication.

This being the case, the visual components of an advertisement form an integral part of the whole message and cannot be ignored in translation (cf. Kress and Van Leeuwen have recently established an “inventory of the elements and rules underlying a culture-specific form of visual communication” (1996: 3), which goes beyond semiotic analyses inspired by the work of Barthes.

L’analyse présentée ici prend comme point de départ la sémiotique de Roland Barthes qu’elle combine avec des approches plus récentes issues des Any work on advertising should come with a sell-by-date.

The advertising industry is engaged in a constant battle to attract the consumer’s attention and a surprise attack, disrupting the analysts’ orthodoxy, overturning whatever unwritten rules have been found useful for organising the disparate phenomena of advertising in the past, can happen at any time.

On pourrait donc affirmer que le but principal du projet publicitaire consiste à activer les connotations visuelles dans la perception des consommateurs.

À en croire Barthes, les images sont polysémiques, mais il n’est pas tout à fait clair que toutes les connotations présentes soient réalisées par les spectateurs des différentes cultures.

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A case study of advertising in China will be used to show where the fracture lines between Western and Asian advertising which are relevant for translation are to be found.