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Five well-to-do business execs hold the fate of several aspiring entrepreneurs in their hands as they decide in which person and product to invest their funds.

This series is inspired by a British program of the same name.

A fitness company puts the Dragons to the test; a tall order brews up some objections in the Den; and an entrepreneur hopes her spread will inspire an organic partnership.

Plus, the Dragons wonder if they can help a long-time business from slipping through the cracks.

A flashy demonstration is presented to get the Dragons off their feet; car salesmen attempt to steer their pitch in the right direction; meat packers believe their business is a cut above; sparks fly in the Den.

Three brothers make more than just a splash; an entrepreneur hopes to get his business off on the right foot; the Den is turned into a home spa experience; the Dragons get an attractive investment opportunity.

A puzzling pitch leaves the Dragons feeling panicked; an entrepreneur has some slick moves; a business plan with a few kinks; a returning company thinks its Major League partnership will help score a home run.

A mystical mock-up makes the Dragons choose between fantasy and reality; an entrepreneur believes he can swipe a deal if he plays his cards right; and a slick duo believe they can ice their opponents with a Dragon's investment. A university couple thinks they have the magic touch; two Business majors hope their international idea will help them get a foot in the door; and the youngest entrepreneur to ever take on the Dragons hopes her lunch-break idea is appealing.

A brotherly trio hopes to squeeze a Dragon into their business; a father-son team plays it safe; a mother-daughter duo present some tasty samplers; a family hopes the Dragons won't send them packing.

A business hopes to leave the Dragons hungry for more; a product works to remove the stink in the Den; a family business hopes for a deal; a financial education platform needs serious interest from the Dragons.

Siblings try to secure a clean deal; a business offers a twist on a classic condiment; a father and son duo hopes to turn their virtual dream into a reality; a family hopes to prove that their business is in top shape. One tasty product line has the Dragons thirsty for a deal; tensions rise when a business bares it all; and two brothers hope the delivery of their pitch is enough to reach the Dragons.

A product warms the Dragons' hearts and sparks a bidding war; a company puts one Dragon's gaming skills to the test; and an entrepreneur hopes the Dragons won't chicken out on investing in his product.

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Plus, a business hopes to inspire a bionic deal in the Den.

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