Nudist men only

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Nudist men only

It is just a 5-minute walk from Nollendorfplatz square and its underground station.

As I crept up to the poolside, the classic “what if this is all a conspiracy and everyone’s in swimwear? I walked down the poolside with no idea where to look, whipped off my towel, and wandered why everyone was staring at me. In the main chilled section, there were so many guys just hovering at each end of the pool that I refused to touch the ends the whole time.In 1974 a group of protesting women invaded the Forty Foot, a swimming point traditionally for men only at Sandycove in Dublin.This RTÉ News report shows the Dublin City Women's Invasionary Force swimming in the water and protesting on the shore with placards. An angry male swimmer tells the RTÉ crew to leave the area and says "there was a time when no self-respecting women would be in here anyway." Another man points out that they don't rush into Dun Laoghaire golf club and say it should be open to everybody.I didn’t see anyone who I thought was “fit”, either physically or attractively.There was no sense of competition or embarrassment like when you walk into the weight section at Bloomsbury Gym.

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The more people were staring at my very below average tits, the more I realised I needed to get the fuck in and swim. I opted for the more leisurely lane, but there were alternative fast lanes for the passionate naked swimmers who donned goggles and stuff. Poolside, there were men stood everywhere, either talking to each other or just admiring the pool of talent.

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