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Posted by / 13-Jul-2016 18:39

I was lonely, alienated and my relationships became strained because I wanted the impossible: I wanted to get rid of my wheelchair and be the same as everyone else. I did have a few school friends but I never had a girlfriend, and was left out of all the usual teen dating etiquette. I felt unattractive and thought I had nothing to offer a girl, so I shut myself down.

If ever a member of my family asked why I wasn’t dating, I would use the excuse that I was too busy for all that.

But as soon as I started high school, that’s when I really noticed my disability – I felt different from all my peers.

I didn’t know anyone else who used a wheelchair, so the fact that I stood out from the crowd made me really self-conscious.

Up until that point, I could walk a little, but I always used elevators and grabbed hold of the walls and furniture so that I didn’t fall, so the wheelchair gave me a lot more freedom.

I changed how I dress and style myself according to the type of girls I’m attracted to.

We all need to embrace our individuality, consider what we wear and how we wear it.

But, despite all my efforts it just wasn’t working out for me and that made me feel hopeless.

I think my downfall was the fact that I tried to hide my disability from my online dating profiles.

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No one is going to slap, punch or snub a guy in a wheelchair, right?