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The magnetic decay method of dating, as it is called, has been proclaimed to be the most reliable evidence for a young earth age and thus the strongest evidence against the long ages of radiometric dating.Henry Morris (1983) states "If any process should be a reliable indicator of the earth's age, this should be — and it indicates an upper limit for the age of about 10,000 years!We must also give some attention to the highly complicated science of Paleomagnetic sample collection and analysis. INTRODUCTION The magnetic information that is stored in the various types of rocks can tell us a great deal about the earth and its history.However, in order to appreciate and understand this information, an understanding of some properties of the geomagnetic field as well as the ways in which magnetic information is actually obtained from the rocks is needed.A comprehensive rebuttal of the magnetism decay method of dating was recently published in the Journal of Geological Education by G. In reaction to Dalrymple's criticisms, Barnes has written a response (Barnes 1983) entitled "Earth's Magnetic Age: The Achilles Heel of Evolution." Others have also entered the controversy on both sides of the issue (Young 1982, Morris 1983).Warren Johns (1984) has put together a well-written layman's discussion of this controversy from the point of view of a creationist interested in evaluating the theory's scientific support.

Barnes then extrapolates this 130 years worth of data back (154-fold) to 20,000 BC and finds that the strength of the geomagnetic field would have been 18,000 gauss!

These theories might best be referred to as the "free decay" model and the "regenerative dynamo" or "dynamo" model. Barnes Free Decay Model The free decay theory assumes that the motion of the charges in the core is simple circular motion around the magnetic polar axis of the earth.

In addition it is generally assumed that the energy of the "original" electric currents is being continually dissipated away as heat in the conductor and that none is being supplied to take its place.

Could the geomagnetic field be due to large electric currents (circa 10 amps) within the conducting core of the earth?

There are two fundamentally different ways that the currents in the core might produce the geomagnetic field.

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