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She knew the general area but couldn’t say exactly what address or apartment she was in, Hill said.

Investigators said they had received tips about a runaway in the complex during the past several weeks, but could not find the girl.

Under the statute, it is illegal to knowingly or intentionally engage in sexual intercourse or oral sexual contact with any person who is below the age of 18.For example, if you are 21 years old and your partner is 17 years old, it is illegal for you to engage in sexual intercourse or oral sexual contact with your partner.Those who break Arizona’s age of consent laws potentially expose themselves to prosecution that can lead to incarceration or mandatory enrollment as a sex offender on the sex offender registry until age 25, at the least.Resolutions takes Psychotherapy, Mediation, Marketing and Financial Management and applies those disciplines to your life in order to achieve an improved quality of life!Our fulfillment, our happiness stems generally from our relationships, our family culture, and our professional life.

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Or, we can work through workbooks in an individual therapy and workshop setting, as you choose. If you have a valuable employee that may be causing some unrest at work with anger, addiction or boundary issues, Counseling for Co-Workers can provide Corporate Conflict Resolution and Team Counseling services to help your staff move forward, make positive changes and focus on the business.

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