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Rhee also closed moderate newspapers and arrested reporters and publishers on numerous occasions between 19.

On taking power in 1961, Park Chung Hee's Supreme Council for National Reconstruction closed all but fifteen of Seoul's 64 daily newspapers and refused to register a comparable percentage of the country's news services, weeklies, and monthly publications while using its own radio and news agencies to promote its official line.

Following the March 1st Movement in 1919, the colonial government loosened their overt control over cultural activities and permitted several Korean newspapers to function while maintaining some behind-the-scenes direction over politically sensitive topics.

During the 1920s, Korean vernacular newspapers, such as Donga Ilbo, and intellectual journals such as Kaebyok (Creation), conducted running skirmishes with Japanese censors.

During the Park and the subsequent Chun Doo Hwan administrations, the government exercised considerable control and surveillance over the media through the comprehensive National Security Act.

In late 1980, the Chun government established more thorough control of the news media than had existed in the South Korea since the Korean War.

Enforcement methods ranged from telephone calls to editors to more serious forms of intimidation, including interrogations and beatings by police.

In addition, the Defense Security Command, then commanded by Roh Tae Woo, and the Ministry of Culture and Information ordered hundreds of South Korean journalists fired and banned from newspaper writing or editing.Media censorship was coordinated with intelligence officials, representatives of various government agencies, and the presidential staff by the Office of Public Information Policy within the Ministry of Culture and Information using daily "reporting guidelines" sent to newspaper editors.The guidelines dealt exhaustively with questions of emphasis, topics to be covered or avoided, the use of government press releases, and even the size of headlines.This is much faster than the previous window of three to four weeks.Korean entertainment cable channel One made the announcement on Monday morning as part of its "commitment to presenting fresh and top-rated content” to viewers.

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The Korean press had a strong reformist and nationalistic flavour from the beginning, but faced efforts at political control or outright censorship during most of the 20th century.