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Don’t pressure them into doing so nor allow them to. SEE ALSO: He Said-She Said: When Parents Interfere In addition, don’t seek to start a relationship with the children until you are absolutely willing to follow through with a commitment to their parent in the location which is most conducive to the children.

In many instances, children are moved away from the other involved biological parent based solely on the desires of the couple without much consideration given for the children.

Salama Marine, a psychologist for Elite Singles, said today: "Single parents are often victims of their own prejudices."There is a common misconception that finding love as a single parent is more difficult because having children supposedly puts people off."However, as this study reveals the majority of individuals are open to the idea of meeting single parents."They are perceived as independent and more experienced, and subsequently clearer about what they're seeking in a relationship."This puts them at a certain advantage when looking for love.

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A poll of 1,500 singletons by dating site Elite Singles, which has more than 500,000 UK members, found that 90 per cent of members wouldn't let kids put them off dating someone.

The survey, in the run up to Single Parent Day on March 21, also found that 79 per cent of members with kids would seek 'approval' from their children when they met someone new.

Your date should know you have children and your children, should they ask, only needs to know you are going out with a friend, which is the truth.

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It is imperative to ensure all of you are compatible and for your prospective mate to experience your children in as many “normal” situations as possible prior to marriage.

I’m assuming that you are ready to start dating at this point.

And that means you have had the time you need to heal from your prior relationship (with the other parent of your children).

Until you are in a committed relationship, you should refrain from allowing a connection to begin between that person and your child.

Doing so would only add more confusion and disruption to an already difficult childhood, especially if things don’t work out.

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