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Lanikai Pillboxes is a little less crowded and is amazing for sunrise but if you’re looking for a challenge you should definitely attempt the Koko Head stairs.Hiking up the Koko Head stairs is a great workout that will make your legs feel like jell-o and get you so drenched in your own sweat that you will be able to wring your clothes out at the top.The 10 best hikes on Oahu that will leave you standing on top of a mountain in amazement.

We always turned back at the puka after seeing enough but the trail looks quite good if you chose to continue on. Standing at the summit of Wiliwilinui Ridge I can make out Waikiki, a city of white buildings seemingly a world away from the ridges we are roaming.

Also known as Olomana Trail, this is one of the more dangerous hikes on the island.

The first peak is relatively straight-forward despite being a steep incline.

However, no mopeds or motorbikes are allowed in the guarded community situated below the hike, which meant we had to walk an extra mile to reach the trailhead., and Koko Head.

Diamond Head is the most touristy as it is very close to Waikiki but it has a great view and is easy for all levels of hikers.

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Dangling vines were strewn from the canopy as rays of sunlight broke through the dense foliage creating a natural theatre with a magical atmosphere.

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