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To learn more, click here It operates from a separate Linux server performing nightly backups of your Group Wise system.These backups are made available via a standard Group Wise Post Office Agent to which clients can connect and recover mail, calendar items, address books or documents.

Here are some of the great features of Group Wise Disaster Recovery: The rapid backup capabilities of Group Wise Disaster Recovery allow you to perform and access intra-day backups of post offices and up to 10 simultaneous backups.

Before contacting Technical Support, please consult our knowledge bases and product update sections.

These answer the most common questions and issues users may have.

In Group Wise Disaster Recovery you can choose a specific post office backup to delete, and the solution will set out to delete it immediately.

This feature is particularly helpful when a Group Wise Disaster Recovery server is just barely over it's disk space error threshold, and backups have stopped because of disk space overage.

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