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Another film that parodies "Arena." While Bill and Ted are watching the episode, they are visited by their android duplicates (aka "evil robot us-es").The androids drive them out to Vasquez Rocks, the location where "Arena" was filmed, and the ensuing sequence duplicates the camera angles and editing from the "Arena" scene Bill and Ted had just been watching.He battles Steven – whom he refers to as "Jim" – while handling his pole-axe like a Vulcan lirpa and vocalizing the highly-recognizable music used during the "Amok Time" battle sequence.The real music from the episode begins playing in the background as Chip and Steven continue to duel.This dark comic film, released in 1996, stars Jim Carrey (see also: In Living Color) as a lonely, television-obsessed cable TV installer named Chip Douglas.

The main character, Chris is a big sci-fi and space fan and has a lot of Star Trek memorabilia in his room, including a model kit of the original series Enterprise. Fistergraff asks him if he likes and he replies that it's his favorite one.

Fox) dressed in a radiation suit, wakes George (Crispin Glover) and introduces himself as "Darth Vader" - an extra-terrestrial from the planet Vulcan; the pronouncement closes as he gives the requisite Vulcan salute, a custom common to its people. The Delorean time machine from the trilogy appeared in issue #5 of Star Trek - Legion of Super-Heroes among other time-traveling devices.

In the deleted extended version Marty also mentions that the Supreme Klingon was ordering George to take the Human unit known as Lorraine to the dance. [1] In Peter Jackson's debut 1987 feature film, a town is invaded by aliens, who use people as meat for their fast food chain.

These words were lifted from a line by Kirk in "", a fact which was acknowledged in the "Drunken Director's Commentary" for the movie.

Marvel Comics adaptation featuring Alan Dale, Steven Culp, and a painting of Neal Mc Donough.

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In what is perhaps the most memorable scene in the film, Chip and Steven visit a Medieval Times restaurant, where they engage in a staged jousting and fighting tournament.