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We use dating as a discovery phase to discover the facts about one another and ultimately whether we can have a shared agenda that respects each party healthily as individuals while creating a common journey for the relationship.Healthy relationships have co-pilots steering them along with open discussion about the joint agenda as well as all of the landmarks – no hidden agendas.We can become very focused on the ‘hallmarks’ – these are what we consider to be the ‘markings’ of a relationship such as sleeping together over an extended period of time, having things in common, great sex, a ‘connection’, ‘chemistry’, future talk, being introduced to people, etc as well as big ticket commitment items like moving in, babies, marriage.

Or maybe they’ll steer the relationship so crazily that you panic and agree to let them be in control. Passengers basically take a backseat in the relationship.There are some passengers who actually want to take a backseat role and may be inclined to be victims or helpless.Passengers and drivers have unhealthy relationship habits and are invariably emotionally unavailable so until they address their issues, being a co-pilot in a mutually fulfilling healthy relationship is unlikely because they are not prepared to be honest and vulnerable enough to risk a joint agenda.You will steer and plot your journey together and even if at times, one has to man the steering, they continue with the joint agenda. Unhealthy relationships/casual relationships have a driver and a passenger.The driver steers the relationship on their terms, agenda, and ‘route’.

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Many passengers however, actually know the driver’s agenda and hope to change it.

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